4 comentarios el “Trailer de “Noah”. Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone…

  1. De acuerdo a los hebreos y otras leyendas (el libro de Enoc y otros escritos no bíblicos), ellos fueron una raza de gigantes y super-héroes, quienes cometieron actos de gran maldad. Su gran tamaño y poder parecía venir de la mezcla del “DNA” demoníaco con la genética humana. Todo lo que la Biblia dice directamente acerca de ellos, es que fueron “valientes que desde la antigüedad fueron varones de renombre.” (Génesis 6:4) Los nefilim no fueron extraterrestres, ellos fueron literalmente, seres físicos producidos por la unión de los hijos de Dios y las hijas de los hombres (Génesis 6:1-4).¿Qué sucedió con los nefilim o gigantes?

  2. Ia??m curious how inventive writing instructors at schools and universities handle college students who write about genuinely disturbing items and who look probably harmful to by themselves and other people? Are instructors privy to studentsa?? mental wellness records? Do they permit these kinds of students get absent with violent or disturbing writing in an effort NOT to stir as well much trouble? Do you turn out to be proactive in striving to help these pupils? Do you undergo instruction to deal with problem learners? As a inventive producing student at a college, I usually see disturbing things introduced into workshops. Ia??m questioning what the profs feel of all this. Many thanks to any solutions!
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    • I hope that have understood your question correctly. If not, correct me please.

      So I asked myself I but I found something.

      The majority of those who read the type of literature that even could be considered subversive or some appropriate for its content (whether it is violent, sexual inclinations or suicide or drug use) as minimum have surprisingly formed criteria. It is really fascinating to share with these minds themes with “adults with criteria formed” I do not share because they are too busy living the “life”, but these people (many of them teenagers) offered me the opportunity to not only share, but learn from them and is then doubly productive. What then if denied this type of literature?.

      The “fandoms” are incredible. Many “adult” people think that they are a form of “reality”, even hide from it and it is likely that in some cases it may be so, but in the vast majority of cases, people who read “deep” material, constitute a group of open mind, very sociable, who likes to analyze or simply enjoy something that excites them.

      Then, I found myself with the dilemma of not knowing what was better, if promoting the reading without restrictions or promote the “control” of the subjects of reading and decided that the most important thing was to be there. As parents, uncles, guardians and/or up to bloggers, I believe that we have the responsibility to offer the opportunity to kids read what they want but also to be there to share with them their tastes and/or doubts, arise.

      If we are there, if we listen to what they think about something, we know what you think of life in general and know where we should put our attention.

      I particularly never had a reading guide from what I read of everything that may have been written and has been wonderful. I found no answers, but I had many doubts. Then the idea I think is to offer the opportunity to develop and to receive support in the process.

      Note: The power of a “troubled” reading don’t demetirar. Frightens me to think that someone could call more attention the poem that writes the friend of Charlie in “The advantages of being invisible” rather than draw your attention the process of growth that Charlie lives to the point that in the end, it is free, but I can not recommend reading because, precisely, in the end, Charlie gives us the answer. Just give it a try. And I think that that applies yet.


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