8 comentarios el “Robert Downey Jr seguirá como Ironman para The Avengers 2 y 3.

  1. Verwirklicht wurden davon letztendlich die Filme Iron Man (2008), die Fortsetzung Iron Man 2 (2010), Der unglaubliche Hulk (2008) , der inhaltlich nunmehr unabhängig von Hulk (2003) war, sowie Thor (2011) und Captain America – The First Avenger (2011).

  2. Eso espero, no es lo mismo un actor que otro, he visto por internet que tienen una lista de candidatos, pero ninguno da la talla como iron man, tenian en la lista de esos 10 actores a george clooney, ¿en serio george clooney para iron man?, no digo que no sea buen actor pero la verdad a mi parecer es el que menos da el pego, y otros entre los cuales hay alguno que es una mezcla de alex ubago y un mafioso mexicano, espero que robert firme por iron man tambien, la saga va a perder muchisimo si se va.

    • I know there are many franchises that have survived the change of actor, for example, James Bond and definitely will come the time that Robert can no longer or do not want to interpret Tony Stark, but particularly, I hope that the time delay long time because I love the interpretation of Robert. For me, Robert is Tony!.

      On the other hand, I need it to keep busy in a series for which he has to be an “example”. That can help you much in your personal life and is a ‘plus’ for I love this paper for it

  3. This news, however, does mean that Iron Man 4 will not be a part of Marvel’s Phase 3. Which is particularly interested, especially given that the latest sequel just happens to be the fourth highest grossing domestic film of all time. This does mean, however, that the character has the potential to die in the third Avengers film. But would Marvel really do that? Also, this deal leaves the room open for Downey Jr. to return in a cameo in the other Marvel features.


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